Mullein Pharmacy August Catalogue

A Healthy New Idea in Pharmacy Care.

It’s more than likely that you’ve never heard of the word Mullein. But it is particularly appropriate as the new name of a 21st Century pharmacy group. Mullein is a plant native to the Northern Hemisphere. For centuries natural wisdom has used this miracle plant to treat everything from asthma and tuberculosis to burns, bruises and gout. Its yellow flowers were used as an ingredient in yellow hair dye, and its leaves were used to topically soften the skin. Oil derived from Mullein flowers can be used to soothe ear aches. We thought ‘Mullein’ was the perfect name for our new pharmacy group. We want to be a source of remedy and care for our customers. A name that people can turn to, when they need help to ‘make it better’. So, if you’re looking for a 100% Australian owned and operated pharmacy, with some answers that might help (whether medication or advice) think of ‘Mullein’ –  And ‘let’s make it better’ together.

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      Orange Sky Laundry

      Homelessness. Let’s make it better by supporting Orange Sky Laundry.

      Our favourite charity is Orange Sky Laundry – Orange Sky is the world’s first free mobile laundry service for people experiencing homelessness. More than 800 volunteers operate 13 laundry vans and 3 shower vans. They wash 7.5 tonnes of laundry and provide over 150 showers to our homeless friends in over 100 locations throughout Australia – every week!   We think they deserve our support.  Will you help as well?  Simply click the donate button. You will go directly the Orange Sky Laundry donation page, where you can decide how much support you wish to give.